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Quality — Made in Germany
KNIPEX Ratcheting Knife
With guide shoe and ratchet function

Less effort.

More efficiency.

Work smarter, get the job done faster: the new ratchet stripping knife from KNIPEX.

Ratchet function

enables stripping with less effort
for a variety of larger diameter cable sheaths

Guide shoe

prevents damaging conductor insulation under the cable sheath

Versatile blade

Three cutting areas for round and longitudinal cuts

Always the right cut.

Two blades for pushing or pulling lengthwise cuts

Back blade for round cutting

Strips hard or tough plastic sheaths up to 1/4" wall thickness

A unique knife for tough jobs.

Comfortable handle

with an integrated tether attachment point for use with KNIPEX Tethered Tools System

Sickle-shaped, replaceable hook blade

can be folded for safe transport

Three-stage blade lock

for safe handling and transport

Coming to North America Soon!
StepCut XL

95 1X 225

KNIPEX TubiX® S Pipe Cutter

90 31 01 SBA

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