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Pliers for the automotive workshop

Automotive pliers from KNIPEX


Everyday life in a normal car workshop: Repair work with combination pliers, hose clamp pliers or other special pliers are presenting you with real challenges in view of the ever narrower engine compartments. As a result of the automotive industry installing an increasing number of components, the requirements for automotive pliers have also changed significantly.


Pliers from KNIPEX are convincing, because even in small versions they are highly effective with little effort . The width and depth of our range is very extensive.



80 different circlip pliers alone show how KNIPEX can offer you an individual tool solution for every challenge in a car repair.


This applies to standard mechanical pliers such as water pump pliers, grip pliers or diagonal cutters.
In short: With KNIPEX automotive pliers , you can effortlessly get the horsepower of your car workshop on the road every day!

Which car tongs does a car repair shop need?

One thing is certain: The basic equipment of a car workshop is more than just the lift. If you want to be well prepared for everyday work, you will need the right pliers for the vehicle.


But what makes pliers into automotive pliers? It's quite simple: They must offer the functionalities that take into account the special features of car repair. That is why there are some pliers that are particularly important for automotive needs, such as hose clamp pliers or spring hose clamp pliers.


They considerably simplify the dismantling of hoses, such as cooling hoses, and are therefore a useful addition to the high-quality water pump pliers - which can be used particularly well when working on the brakes.

Developed to enable the movement and placement of circlips inside and out, the circlip pliers in the car workshop also provide valuable support every day.


Ear clamp pliers are also often used: when hoses and pipes are connected to one another, ear clamps can be fixed by applying pressure with specialised ear clamp pliers . For hard-to-reach places in the engine compartment, KNIPEX also offers angled ear clamp pliers.


All-rounders shouldn't be missing either. Combination pliers, with their two functions "gripping" and "cutting", can save you the trouble of changing to a diagonal cutter. Pincers and wire strippers are certainly useful for the basic equipment of the Workshop as well.

Spring hose clamp pliers


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Standard, space saving and wire clamps as well as spring band clamps up to a nominal size of 70 mm, as they are commonly used in cooling lines, can be securely gripped by spring hose clamp pliers. Thanks to their compact dimensions and the gripping inserts, which can also be rotated under load, clamps are easily accessible even in confined spaces. Two lengths, 180 and 250 mm, are available.


Hose clamp pliers


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With hose clamp pliers, click clamps, for example on bypass lines, are quickly and pressure-tightly closed. The slim pliers head ensures good accessibility, rotatable gripping inserts enable flexible attachment from a wide variety of angles. The hose clamp pliers are also available in lengths of 180 mm and 250 mm.


Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers


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With a length of 280 mm, the long reach needle nose pliers with the shaft gripping profile are the ideal tool for reaching deep-lying parts in the engine compartment. Since the gripping profile has no teeth, nothing scratches and nothing is crushed easily. With the smoothly engaged grooves, thinner round parts can be held and guided without damage. These pliers are also available with a 45° bend to match the work requirements.