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Tool Sets (96 products)

Grips: Plastic coating
Grips: Plastic coating
Grips: Plastic coating
Grips: Plastic coating

Comprehensive and versatile tool sets from KNIPEX

KNIPEX offers excellent tools for all common work areas, so you can handle assemblies, installation work and electrical tasks quickly and professionally.  Our pliers sets have the right tools for your area of expertise.


Thanks to the high quality processing of suitable materials, KNIPEX tools for all kinds of work are very resilient and durable. Due to their high quality and the extensive selection, tool from KNIPEX are the right choice when it comes to handling your day-to-day business.

The pliers sets can be used not only for private projects, but also for daily professional use in the trade.
Due to our wide range, you will find the right tool for all types of applications.

Selected pliers sets from KNIPEX

Since the pliers required also differ from one area of application to the other, a variety of different tools are available from the manufacturer KNIPEX. In order to facilitate the work of choosing the right tool combination, we have put together practical sets for different applications. For example, compact boxes and tool cases for the electrical or plumbing sector.

The KNIPEX selection not only includes small but also larger collections of tools. Some of them are stored in specially designed tool rolls. Once you have such a set of pliers, the right KNIPEX tool is always at hand.

KNIPEX - your manufacturer for high quality pliers and tools

Due to the enormous variety of different tools, the manufacturer KNIPEX is exactly the right supplier for pliers of various types in order to be able to work in accordance with the current standards in your area. Our tools are particularly popular in the professional work area , because the high quality ensures durability and good work results. Millions of customers value KNIPEX for its outstanding quality that you can rely on too.

The different tool sets are much more than just random combinations: Behind each collection there is a well-thought-out concept that offers you great convenience with the most important components of the tool range.

Since the sets contain all common tools of their respective work area, they allow you to work freely and just as you see fit. Matching accessories are often included in the sets, which enable even longer intensive use of the KNIPEX tool.