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Our mission statement

During the successful development of our company, a number of principles have always guided us along the way. Above all, they include quality, constant improvement and the orientation towards human values. Other principles have been added throughout our history.


We decided a long time ago to summarize these principles in a mission statement. It describes how we see ourselves, what we strive to be, what makes our success possible and what we demand of ourselves and our actions - demands by which we all want to be measured. In this way, the mission statement helps us to keep an eye on what is important to us - in our daily work and in our long-term focus. It therefore helps us to continue to develop and to be successful in the long term.

 In the new version of the 2017 Mission Statement, we have included some aspects the importance of which we have become more aware of in recent years. We also differentiated our goals and the means by which we want to achieve them more distinctly and named our drivers of success more clearly. In this sense, the new mission statement will offer us an even better orientation.



Signature Ralf Putsch

Our guiding principles – who we are

We are an independent and traditional family company and concentrate on the development and manufacture of high-quality pliers and related tools. As a think tank in our product segment, we make work more effective, easier and safer.


On the basis of high performance and reliability, we maintain good, long-term relationships with our customers and business partners.

As a manufacturer of a well-known and respected brand, we have high quality standards that extend to all products and all of our activities. We want to consistently fulfill and constantly renew the trust our partners and customers have in us and our brand.

We strive for long-term economic success, but not at all costs. We are guided by values and the principle of an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development. In doing so, we face our shared responsibility for society and the environment. We have to work today for the success tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


We are committed to Germany as a production location. At the same time, our thinking and acting is oriented internationally.

Our goals – what we want

We are the world's leading manufacturer for professional users and the best partner for our customers in our product segment. We offer a range, price and performance that is competitive with an unmistakable profile and superior product benefits.


Our economic goals are positive earnings, continuous growth and stable financing. This is how we strengthen our investment power and create scope for our further development.

We want to continue to exist as an independent family company in the long term.


We create benefit and value for our business partners, our employees and the regions in which we operate.

Our employees – who makes us successful

The qualifications and the attitude of our employees form the basis of our success.


Their knowledge and skills, their commitment and their ideas determine our performance and thus our future. We create good conditions to develop their possibilities and to maintain their health. We support them in their professional and personal development.

We want to be one of the best and most attractive employers in our region and in our industry.

Our actions – how we achieve our goals

Our drivers of success are quality, service, productivity, innovation and the development of market shares. We strive for constant progress in these areas and provide the necessary prerequisites and skills. This is how we secure competitive advantages and achieve our goals.


We place high demands on the results and efficiency of our work and strive for above-average quality and performance.

We are looking for unused potential and opportunities for improvement in all areas in a targeted and methodical manner. We are willing to learn, open to innovations and deal with errors and deficits – including our own – in an open and solution-oriented manner.


We encourage and demand the assumption of responsibility, the taking of initiative, the willingness to participate and the consistency in pursuing goals.


Commitment, mutual respect, helpfulness and friendliness are defining values for collaboration with each other and with third parties.