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The company behind the pliers

The pliers specialists

In over 140 years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge for innovating and manufacturing pliers. That is why we have become the world's leading manufacturing of professional pliers. Only as specialists can we offer our customers top performance and survive in global competition. 

But what we know today is not enough for the future. We are continuously looking for ways to improve everything we do throughout the company - from our products, processes, organization, and our skills.

Quality matters

In order for a pair of pliers to work at its best, it must be precise: without accuracy, there is no reliable cutting, gripping or shaping, and no operation without play. Our modern manufacturing technology allows us to comply with our strict quality requirements and specifications.


We achieve these specifications through strict measurements and a wide range of tests – after each individual production step and at the end of the entire process. We use state-of-the-art measuring technology and long-term testing systems, as well as practical routine testing by hand.


To ensure that our pliers meet your expectations and our high standards, we only use selected steel alloys that have been rolled according to our specifications.


Innovations from the "think tank"

Continual innovation – that is the guiding principle, the implementation of which we devote all our competence and creativity to. We develop new pliers and optimize existing models to make work more effective and easier.


Our motivation is to come up with unconventional solutions that set the standards: new ways of force transmission, easier and faster usability, combination of various functions in one tool and imaginative problem solving for special applications. This saves energy and time and you can achieve better work results with less effort.


We have over 400 production machines refined over generations of use. We build many of the machines ourselves and purchased ones are modified by us to meet our special requirements. In many cases we also program the software for the control and operation of the machines ourselves.


Made in Wuppertal, Germany

We manufacture our pliers exclusively in Germany, at the founding location in Wuppertal. Our colleagues in Wuppertal then supply the many subsidiaries around the world with inventory.


Here at KNIPEX Tools LP, one of the main subsidiaries of KNIPEX-Werk, located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois we are proud to run the first full service location outside of Germany. Our facility combines Accounting, Customer Service, Marketing, Packaging Production, Sales, and Warehousing to support North American customers.

Our employees

The foundation of our success are our employees. Their knowledge, skills, and commitment determine our performance and thus our future.


We create the conditions for our employees to perform at their best and develop new opportunities. We place great value on maintaining and promoting their health emphasizing a sustainable work-life balance.


We invest a great deal of effort and care into training, in which we impart a broad spectrum of professional and personal competence to all employees both new & old.

Values and responsibility

Success is important to us, but we are guided by so much more than that. KNIPEX Tools LP (or KTLP) strives to excel in the following four areas: Knowledge, Teamwork, Loyalty and Passion. 


Knowledge: we encourage our employees to continue developing their skills, to challenge themselves and each other, and to search for new possibilities that will make them & the organization better.


Teamwork: we are a team. Our cooperation and collaboration is characterized by kindness, honesty, and an appreciation for one another.


Loyalty: we trust each other. We demonstrate reliability, responsibility, and ownership not just in our words but in our actions. 


Passion: we take pride in our products, company, and our people. We embrace sustainable initiatives and give back to the community. We are committed to taking ourselves and colleagues from good to great.