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Insulated Tools

Insulated tools are a matter of trust

Professionals trust their tools. This trust is vital when working on electrical installations. In this case, the electrician holding the pliers is also holding his life in his hands. Our insulated tools therefore not only meet statutory requirements, but also offer the greatest possible safety, reliability and performance


Testing the adhesion of the insulating coating at 500 N.

Regulated by standards

Only trained professionals are allowed to work on live installations. Such work is subject to strict occupational health and safety standards such as the German DIN VDE 0105, the international EN 50110 and IEC 60364 and the USA NFPA 70E. In each case they must deploy special tools that have been specifically manufactured and tested for this work. Tools used in live work must meet the requirements determined by DIN EN / IEC 60900 and NFPA 70E. KNIPEX tools which bear the special mark are approved for work up to 1000V AC.

Guaranteed individually checked

Every insulated tool undergoes, one by one, a dielectric strength at 10,000V AC before we sell it. This means that work in the area up to 1,000V AC has a safety buffer of ten times the permitted maximum limit. Other procedures check the reliability of the insulation towards heat, cold, tensile and impact force. In addition to the KNIPEX quality assurance team, external institutes and test centers such as the VDE guarantee that all insulated criteria have been satisfied. We stand by this responsibility with our name on the insulation of KNIPEX tools.

Testing the adhesion of the insulating coating at 500 N.

Strong beneath the insulation

The insulation provides safety when handling electrical installations, but the mechanical properties of the basic tool, such as cutting performance, precision and stability remain the other key-factor for a reliable function of insulated tools.


With our insulated pliers, users can depend on the quality and durability of products from KNIPEX production. For assembly tools insulated by us, we use basic tools from tried and tested suppliers whose quality we subject to regular, stringent checks. The expert can rely on this double dependability of tool and insulation.


Always comply with the current valid regulations and observe the SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS given below:

> Insulated tools must be transported in a manner that will prevent any damage to the insulation.

>Check before every use whether the insulation is damaged in any way, defective tools must be discarded.

> Always keep your insulated tools clean and dry.

> Wear protective goggles when working with cutting nippers or working overhead.

> Insulated tools must be transported in a manner that will prevent any damage to the insulation.

> Always wear goggles or a facial mask when working on live equipment.

> Make sure the workplace is clean and orderly, particularly when you are working on live installations.

> Wear protective clothing and use SAFETY equipment (e.g. insulating gloves, insulating mats, protective covers) especially in confined working spaces.

> Use only a tool with suitable dimensions. That will prevent slipping on the workpiece and unintentional contact with non-insulated parts.

> Make sure that detached parts or cut-off ends of conductors do not fall onto live parts. 

Testing the electrical insulating properties.


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