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Quality — Made in Germany
95 1X 225

Easier cutting of multi-conductor cables

The New 9" StepCut XL

StepCut 9"
Large cutting capacity

Cuts solid copper or aluminum cables up to 2 AWG, stranded cables up to 2/0 AWG and fine stranded cables up to 4/0 AWG

Easy one-hand operation

Two-hand operation with minimal handle opening for large cable diameters

Handle shape allows gripping close to the joint with one hand

Cuts cables and working hours.

Dual cutting areas

The front cutting edge is used for the gradual cutting/nibbling of larger cables

The stepped cutting edge positions cables close to the joint

Precise cutting

Precise cutting on small and large cables

Power and flexibility combined.

Adjustable, high-leverage bolted joint
provides precise and smooth cutting

Pinch guard

Prevents operators' fingers being pinched

Slim head for better accessibility

Model overview of StepCut XL


95 11 225

pliers burnished, plastic coated handles


95 12 225

pliers burnished, with comfort handles

StepCut 1000V Insulated

95 18 225 US

pliers burnished, handles 1000V ASTM insulated with multi-component grips

StepCut Cable Shears Family

The original 6 1/4" StepCut is small, light and strong. Comfortable cutting without pinching. Up to 40% easier cutting than standard cable shears of the same length!

95 11 160

pliers burnished
plastic coated handles

To the product
95 12 160

pliers burnished
with comfort handles

To the product
95 18 160

pliers burnished
handles 1000V ASTM insulated with multi-component grips

To the product
Coming to North America Soon!
KNIPEX TubiX® S Pipe Cutters

93 31 01 SBA

Stripping Knife

16 50 145 SB

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